About me

About me

I initially came to Barcelona on my own for work and had some help from colleagues in setting up bank accounts, organising my NIE, empadronamiento etc etc etc! It was a steep learning curve (especially with my very limited Spanish and non-existent Catalan). I met my husband about 9 months after arriving and paperwork became a bit easier to handle with his help! However, I was on a rocket ship ride in terms of cultural integration. Every social event with his friends and family was so much fun but left me with a banging headache trying to keep up with the constant switching between Spanish and Catalan…attempting to learn one at a time was an interesting challenge! All these years later and I feel very fortunate to have met Alberto and had the opportunity to be guided and immersed into local culture.

Barcelona is so diverse and eclectic and you can always find a little corner of the city which fits you perfectly and really lets you live the life that will make you and your family happy.

Starting a family was a process in itself as we had to go through fertility treatment, but we were lucky that Barcelona is a centre of excellence for IVF. I am a Mum to two kids now, both born in Barcelona in a very different health system to the one I was used to in the UK.

We have a very strong English speaking circle of friends here who have become like family to us. Being able to integrate into local life and having friends from all different cultures and backgrounds has made our lives here absolutely amazing. I love being a part of peoples’ adventures. Hopefully I can help you when you make the decision to come and live in this remarkable city.

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