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Relocation & Lifestyle Consultant dedicated to providing you with an organised, efficient and friendly contact in Barcelona.
Services offered cover all bureaucratic necessities as well as important logistical aspects of life.

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Hi, I'm Kat

Hi, I'm Kat

I initially came to Barcelona on my own for work and had some help from colleagues in setting up bank accounts, organising my NIE, empadronamiento etc etc etc! It was a steep learning curve (especially with my very limited Spanish and non-existent Catalan).

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How can I help?

8 years in Barcelona, 1 wedding, 2 births, multiple house rentals and a mortgage later... I love this city and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, but I’m aware that it can be complicated to navigate a myriad of bureaucratic complexities which you encounter at every turn. Coming from a different culture can also be challenging at first but the rewards are huge if you can be guided through the first few weeks by someone who has been in the same position.

How can I help?


  • Kat assisted us with our application for permanent residency and exchanging a uk driving licence for a Spanish one. She booked our appointments (when none seemed to be available!) advised us on all necessary documentation and attended the appointments with us to translate and keep everything running smoothly.
    Her advice was invaluable and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering using her services.

  • Kat is wonderful and I highly recommend her services!! She helped us with our move from the US to Sant Cugat and there is just no way we could have done it without her!! She helped us find a house in record time (seriously, we had three days!), we love our kids’ school and I feel so fortunate that we were able to work with her. Do not hesitate to contact Kat for any and all of your relocation needs!

  • Kat has been incredible to our family as we transition into a new life in Barcelona. To say “we couldn’t do it without her” would be an understatement. She helped us navigate the school process to find our young son the perfect school. One thing that struck us is how much time she took to figure out what our family wants in an educational experience so we could find the best possible fit. She also helped us set up a bank account and held our hands through the very confusing TIE-card process. She is professional, organized, incredibly responsive, warm and was great with our son too. We highly recommend her.

  • I think Kat might just be magic! She has gone above and beyond in making sure every detail in my flat purchase, renovation, school applications, the whole relocation process was taken care of. She took all the stress out of such a big move.
    It was also pure joy to spend time with Kat, she is such a positive force of nature, I’m beyond grateful that she was recommended to me.

  • The worst thing about international relocations, isn’t the removal, the documents, the stress….The worst thing about going to live in a different country is that there is one moment when you actually realize that you don’t know anybody. You feel a bit lost….even if you are the sunniest person on earth…you don’t know who to call or how to do things you usually master.

    Well this is how Kat makes it different. She makes you feel at home. She makes you feel “safe and under control” in a certain way. Since we started our new bcn adventure she has always been here for me….I can’t thank her enough.

    She was the first friendly face I met in bcn even before I arrived. She helped me out with my personal school paranoia, over a cup of coffee.
    In marketing/modern terms I could say she is the Best customer care and relationship manager I have ever met.

    She is the sort of professional you love to suggest to others, becouse she’s just worth it.

    Thank you Kat! Your’re just great!!!!